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Meeting Minutes - Sept 6th & 13th, 2017

September 6th Meeting Notes

There was no guest speaker today, as we spent the majority of the meeting, discussing last minute “to do’s” for the Best & the Wurst on Saturday. Helen B. announced that there had been $8,000 worth of sales for this event - WOW! The food is in place, as are the beer, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks. There were last minute adjustments to the assignment list and the shirts have arrived for us to proudly wear at the event ($32 each). Our friend Al from the Yorktown Lions spoke to us about reviving the Hole in One contest with our club and the Lions club coordinating the event. This will be discussed by the Board.

Health of Club

We learned on Sunday that David B. had fallen and injured himself; a broken neck, ribs and wrist and they are checking for other injuries. Our prayers and thoughts go to him, Helen and their family.

This & That

Our guests were Karen, who came with Alice R., Al of the Lions was Diana M’s guest, and Jolene accompanied Honorary member, Ann. Also, joining us was Carmella who wants to learn more about Rotary and to observe the meeting. Welcome to everyone! Rose held the winning 50-50 Raffle ticket and received $10. The Jackpot stands at $66.

September 13th Meeting Notes

Best & the Wurst Review

It was a beautiful sunny day and many, many people came to have a bratwurst and beer. What was good and what could be improved? • The location and parking were good • The set up was very good • The wine tasting was successful • The lawn games were good and the puppies were a hit • However, we were not prepared for the number of people who came.

Several ideas were put forth to overcome this situation:

• Shorten the hours of event • Turn off Groupon before event begins • More porta potties (at least 4) • The number of tickets sold should be known ahead in order to have enough supplies

There was discussion as to how we can solve problems and there will be more discussion with the committee and the Board.

We do not have the final income, costs and profit, but Rose estimates we made $5,200. We will update when all monies have been collected and paid out.

Thank you letters will be sent to our supporters and volunteers by Helen L., who is the acting interim secretary during David’s convalescence.

Isabel reported that there was a good turnout for the 9/11 ceremony and that the ceremony was nice.

Diana will organize our next evening meeting on Sept. 27th, which will be at Oscars.

Health of Club

David is recuperating at Westchester Medical Center. Patti reported that she spoke with him prior to our meeting and he seemed to be in good spirits and is looking forward to his recovery. He would enjoy hearing from the members; his phone # is 914-275-1741.

This & That

Our guests today were Jolene and Peter and we were glad to see you. Ann held the winning 50-50 Raffle ticket and received $7. The Jackpot holds at $74.

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