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Meeting Minutes - August 16th, 2017

Guest Speaker

Joan Lloyd spoke to us about her project, Bling’s The Thing. She makes and donates earrings to battered women’s shelters and she holds workshops (for seniors, girl scouts, etc) to teach others how to make and donate them. Joan is holding such a workshop at the Hart Library on August 28 starting at 6:00PM. She said that she finds this activity rewarding as do those who participate in the workshop. Joan has a Facebook page, Bling’s The Thing and her email address is Thank you, Joan for your presentation - please come again.

Meeting Notes

Next week’s meeting, August 23, will be at 5:30PM at Kirby’s. The cost is $15. per person. Hors d'Oeuvres and drinks will be served.

Mother Clair said the Outreach Center building and expansion project is coming along well and they are holding a raffle to raise money to complete it. She asked the club to sell 50 tickets at $100. each and this will be discussed by the Board. The Club decided to buy one raffle ticket.

Ass’t DG, Larry introduced himself and said if he can help us, please contact him. He added that he and his business would like to be a Best & the Wurst sponsor.

Steve is verifying that the Lions will be able to volunteer at the Best & the Wurst and we learned there are several job slots still available to fill.

The Lions are one of our B&W partners and will be selling tickets to The Best & the Wurst at their Music Festival this coming weekend. We hope this is a big success as we split the money from the sales with them!

Helen L. announced that our shirts have been ordered and should arrive by the end of the month.

Health of Club

There are no reports of illness among the members.

This & That

Our guests included: Larry DeNoya, from the Peekskill Club and Assistant District Governor covering Area 1, and Mother Clair, of St. Mary’s Church, Mohegan Lake. Karen, a Life Coach and friend of Alice R., and Jolene came with Honorary member, Ann.

Jonathan had the winning 50-50 Raffle ticket and received $10. The Jackpot stands at $50.

FYI: The book Sybil Ludington, A Call to Arms may be borrowed through the Westchester Library System, as well as purchased on Amazon’s or Vincent’s websites.

Our friend, Evelyn Jenkins underwent knee replacement surgery last Thursday. She is doing well and will be in rehab for several weeks and updates will be forthcoming.

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