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Meeting Minutes - March 15, 2017

Surprise Guest Speaker

Ted Nygreen, of White Plains Rotary Club, surprised us with a visit today (Good thing we had a meeting!). He was asked to meet with us to discuss the District Conference on April 8th at the Tarrytown House Estate. He didn’t realize that ten of us were already going.

Ted told us about the White Plains Club’s event last week that celebrated 30 Years of Women in Rotary. Members of the White Plains Club were actually instumental in changing Rotary’s rules so women could finally join in the late 80’s. Our friend Karl Milde wrote about the event; you can read it by going to:

Ted also mentioned that instead of someone saying an invocation at their weekly meetings they now have a Thought for the Day. Something we may want to think about.

Meeting Notes

Alice presided over a very small group due to the snow storm.

Alice swore in Veronica (Vicky) Abbate as a member of the Club with Diana, as her sponsor, assisting. Welcome Vicky!

Alice will see if we can hold a Board meeting immediately following next weeks’ meeting (3/22).

Our first night meeting will be Wednesday, May 24th, at the Yorktown Museum. We will hold a night meeting every fourth Wednesday of the month after that.

Our Paul Harris and Installation Dinner will be Friday, June 2nd, at Peter Pratt’s beginning at 6:00PM. Patti will get out a Save-the-Date notice soon, but in the meantime, please save the date.

Geri reported that the Best & Wurst committee has decided to keep the prices the same for this year’s festival on September 9th. There are a few new things added this year: we will most likely also offer wine tasting, and there will be at least four food truck vendors selling ice cream, gelato, gourmet cheeses, and pastries. Vendors will pay $250 to be at the festival.

They are working on getting sponsors for the event. The committee has also reached out to United for the Troops and My Brother Vinny, who will both sell tickets to their people and they get to keep half of the $40. It was agreed that the festival needs more advertising, which the committee will discuss.

Health of the Club

No news is good news.

This and That

Ted N. won the 50-50 Raffle which was $5.

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