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Meeting Minutes - December 14th, 2016

Meeting Notes

Since there was no speaker today, Alice R. opened the floor for discussion and comments. She spoke of the holiday season, Rotary and our holiday party and the Bronx Club’s party, which she and several other members attended. The general consensus was, our party was a “blast” and the party in the Bronx was also excellent.

There was a discussion as to how to make the Best & the Wurst and other functions better. This will be an ongoing discussion and any helpful suggestions are welcome.

We talked about our association with Love in Action, many stating that some of the gifts requested were high priced. This concern will be brought to the attention of the organization.

The Paul Harris Fellows met after the lunch meeting and will meet again after next week’s meeting.

Health of Club

There have been no reports of illness among the members.

This and That

We welcomed the following guests; Jolene who came with Ann, Don from the Peekskill Club and Steve from the Northeast Westchester Club. Glad to see you, please come again!

Ann won $7. in the 50-50 Raffle and The Jackpot is now $25.

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